[REVIEW] The Elder Scrolls II : Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall was the successor of Arena with whom it shared the graphics almost identical and the game menu, in fact the major mutation was the world map, really huge and wide much larger than the later titles in the series, but for the size of the area you had to sacrifice the graphics, precisely equal to the first of the series.


Daggerfall had all the elements that make an Elder Scrolls game:
The player starts as usual  a quest set in a prison, at the very  beginning you must choose the race, the sign and distribute various points for passive skills, once outdoors  you can follow the main quest or wander free and maybe going to do some works for various guilds.

As I wrote what you notice is the huge size of the game's area, going forward we can unlock a horse to move faster, but thankfully since the beginning we have available the fast forward that allows you to move immediately from place to place; but not before choosing the way you move, you may indeed decide to go on foot or by boat or if we walk we must choose whether to go directly to our goal, or stop at the inns; less risky but slower.

The control system either you love it or hate it, I personally  hated it, preferring by far the one used in Oblivion and Morrowind, in Daggerfall to strike the enemies you have to move the mouse in the direction you want to strike with your sword , making attacks really uncomfortable.

The quests of the game are many, many as the vastness of the kingdom, plus you have to calculate that the dungeons are intricate, a lot;
Many times I lost myself and was forced to follow a guide on the internet because otherwise would have spent a life within those mulded walls.

The problem for me is that Daggerfall anticipated too much the time to come, in fact wanting to bring a vast territory, to embarrass even games relased today ,  sacrificed the technical sector, so  the dungeons are too similar and give the feeling of being always the same (like Oblivion, Doh!), open areas look the same, for the few times you visit them because of fast forward, and the worst thing are the sprites of npg equal and without personality, but fortunately they give the feeling that  cities are alive because at least during day they move with the appearance of being busy.

Together with the graphic, there are the huge amount of bugs to ruin the game experience. We know that a  gigantic RPG like this can not be without one, but with Daggerfall is an exaggeration and the game was unplayable, luckily with future patches something was resolved.

These are in my opinion the defects in Daggerfall,BUT:

Daggerfall is the game where the player has more freedom and choice of action than all the others TES games; In Daggerfall you can virtually act as you want: To make  few examples you can take the sympathy of a guild rather of another, you can learn spells that you desire or create and master your own sword, if you want you can become a vampire or a werewolf,and many more..

It 's really hard to make a review of Daggerfall, like every game in the serie Elder Scrolls, among other things, my advice is to download the 600 MB of the game on the official website if you have not already done so,  and replay one of the best games for the Dos and definitely a milestone for the RPG genre.
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